The restaurant "Le Bretagne"

The Bretagne invites you to discover traditional French and South American food.

You will discover tastes that will make your mouth water along with mixes of different spices from these beautiful countries known for their warm colours and music.


Restaurant and terrace : 5,80 €, Bar : 5 €

Tequila, triple dry and lemon

Pina Colada
Rum, pineapple and coconut milk

Cuba Libre
Rum and coke

Tequila, pomegranate and orange

Rum, pineapple, banana and guava

Rum, passion fruit and guava

Rum, fresh mint, soda and lemon

Cachaca, lemon


The menu

Most specialities are 15,30 €
Starters and desserts are 6,40 €
A children meal is 9,00 €

Here are the different courses that we provide :

Starters - 6,40 €

Charcuterie plate brittany

Cornflour wraps stuffed with minced meat

Ceviche de Camarones
Lemon marinated and aromatised prawns

Ceviche de Pescado
Lemon marinated and aromatised fish

Avocado purée

Coquitas de Aguacate con mais
Avocado with cooked lardons and sweatcorn

Yucca choriada
Manioc cooked the Medeffin way

Prawn trio
Marinated, with mayonnaise and grilled prawns

Plate of cold meats

Ensalada del sol
Plate of empanadas,ceviche and guacamole - 17,10 €

French Specialities

Cordon Bleu à la Mode du chef - 15,30 €
Veal wrapped in ham, served with home-made chips and salad

Filet Mignon - 15,30 €
Pork filet in batter served with home-made chips

Riz aux fruits de Mer - 18,00 €
Mixed seafood rice served with salad

Riz aux crevettes - 18,00 €
Prawn rice served with salad

Poêlée de Julienne (suivant arrivage) - 18,00 €
Julienne filet served with home-made chips,  rice and salad

Grillade au choix - 17,00 €
Sirloin, steak or lamb chops served with home fries and salad

Menu enfant - 9,00 €
Chicken or ham served with home-made chips, rice and salad, dessert and fruit juice

Mexican Specialities

Burrito - 15,30 €
Minced meat and a spicy sauce wrapped in a wheat galet and topped with guacamole and cream served with salad

Burrita - 15,30 €
Blade bon of pork with cheese wrapped in a wheat galet topped with guacamole and cream

Burrita végétarienne15,30
Burrita with vegetable mix

Burrita de frutos del mar - 18,00 €
Burrita with seafood mix

Fajitas de boeuf15,30
Strips of marinated beef, onions and peppers in a wheat galet served with red beans and salad

Fajitas de poulet15,30
Fajitas with strips of chicken

Chili con carne - 15,30
Minced meat, red beans and spices

Colombien Specialities

Bandeja Paisa - 15,30 €
Minced meat, egg, rice, grilled bacon, plantain banana, chorizo, avocado and salad

Costilla de Cerdo - 15,30 €
Pork ribs, barbecue sauce served with rice and home-made chips

Arroz con carne15,30
Rice served trimmed beef served with home made chips and salad

Arroz con camarones - 18.00 €
Rice with shrimp served with plantain banana

Rollitos de Ternera15,30
Colombian version of the French Cordon Bleu

Arroz con pollo15,30
Rice and chicken mix, peppers, carrots, green beans and home-made chips

Arroz Pacifico - 18,00
Rice and seafood mix served with plantain banana (sometimes served with prawns only)

Carne con Salsa - 17,00
Sirloin steak served with a colombian red and green pepper sauce, home-made chips and salad

Poisson sauce coco - 18,00
Fresh fish in coconut sauce served with plantain bananas and rice

Desserts - 6 €

Salade de fruits frais
Fresh fruit salad served with fruit of season

Salade d'orange

Glace au choix (trois parfums)
Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, caramel, strawberry, coconut, passionfruit, pistachio

Fondant au chocolat
Chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside served with chocolate sauce

Confiture de citron
Sweet and sour, lemon curd served with a mild cheese

Bananos calados
Sweet and sour, baked bananas Cisneros style, served with sugarcane and a mild cheese

Manjar blanco con brevas
Milk based jam with figs

Nutmeg flan with grated coconut

Ile flottante
Custard flavour sauce with home-made soft meringue

Mousse de Mangue